Subsidy Scheme for residential homes 2024 is Available


Get up to Rs. 78,000 subsidy when you install solar at your homes

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Best Solar Company in Vadodara

Solar Rooftop Systems

SOM Energy Systems

Install Solar from one of the best solar EPC Provider in Gujarat

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Best Solar Company in Vadodara
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Install Solar at with subsidy scheme for your homes

530 Wp TATA Solar DCR Modules Available

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ABOUT US Best Solar Company in Vadodara

Get the best solar rooftop solutions from the Som Energy Systems, the best solar company in Vadodara to the residential, Commercial, Industrial solar systems at a subsidized cost.

20 years of excellence

  • Solar Rooftop Installation
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Channel Partner

We have partnered with Tata Solar to provide you with the best solar panels in the market. 

where there is solar, there is a way

Saves money

With No electricity bill to pay, you can easily save a lot of money from your solar system.

100% Green Power

Solar power is pure green and clean energy. You contribute for the better tomorrow

Less Maintenance

Install the solar system and forget about it. Just enjoy the power it gives for the entire 25 years .

Return on investment

Solar panels aren't an expense, they are an investment. Thanks to the large saving, the system usually pay off in just 4-5 years

Subsidy Available

Claim your subsidy under new PM Surya Ghar Muft Bijli Yojna

Reduces co2 emission

Most important above all, the solar energy is clean energy, that means no pollution and Co2 emission.


Your Solar Rooftop Installation Became a Lot Easier

Our experts gives you all the knowledge you need and manages all the process so that you can create have your solar plant up and ready.

Our Expertise in Solar Rooftop Installation

Our team of certified professionals brings unparalleled expertise to every project. We offer comprehensive solar solutions tailored to meet the unique needs and specifications of your property.

To visit the site and evaluate the requirement of your home and calculate your plant capacity.

To gather the data and submit the application for the solar installation on the government websites. 

After the commissioning, to install the system on the rooftop as per the design and analysis. 

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Lets Make a Better Tomorrow with SOM Energy Systems - Best Solar Company in Vadodara

We believe in renewable resource for power. That’s why, we strive to promote and create a carbon free future.

Ready to Make the Switch to Solar?

Contact Some Energy Systems today for a free consultation and discover how solar rooftop installation can benefit your home or business. Let us help you harness the power of the sun and create a sustainable future.


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