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Solar Rooftop Sytems Provider in Vadodara

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Solar Rooftop Sytems Provider in Vadodara

Solar System solar rooftop system provider in vadodara

An Solar Rooftop System uses solar panels to generate electricity. This system is connected to grid. Due to this, the electricity is used to power your homes. After that, the excess energy is supplied to grid.

Solar Rooftop Systems Provider in Vadodara

Grid-Interactive Solar Rooftop Systems are developed to efficiently gather energy requirements and are appropriate for industrial, commercial, and residential applications worldwide. Grid interactive/on-grid systems are linked to a large independent grid (usually the public power grid) and provide electricity to both the load and the grid. Grid interactive solar rooftop systems are ideal for daytime use in residential, industrial, and commercial buildings, as well as educational institutions, hospitals, and hostels. Solar Power Plants / Solar Roof Tops are systems that create electricity by harnessing the sun’s energy. These systems are appropriate for regions where grid connectivity is unavailable or too expensive. The solar power pack may also be used in conjunction with the current grid to boost the amount of electricity provided to that specific site.

The solar power pack includes the following items:

  • Battery bank for solar array
  • Charge Control Unit
  • Inverter
  • The structure required for a solar array
  • Hardware and adornments

The solar array produces power, which is stored in the battery through the Charge Controller. The loads are engaged only when necessary and are powered by the battery via an inverter. A switch is provided to convert the load from solar to the grid and vice versa. In general, the backup time for a full load is 4 to 5 hours every day.

Solar Power Plant Battery:

Sealed Maintenance-free lead-acid batteries are utilized in the Powerpack for extended life and uninterrupted system performance. The batteries will store energy from the solar array and release it to loads as needed via the CCU. The battery will have a three-day autonomy, which means that the loads may be run for three days in a row even if solar energy is not forthcoming.

The level of autonomy can be enhanced depending on the needs of the customer.

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