Cleaning Solar Panels, A DIY or not?


Solar panels are generally self cleaning, but in countries like India where there are dry regions and lots of dust in the air, anything can build upon the surface of the panels. To add to this, there is also a situation birds poops on the panels. Such a situation can make your solar efficiency lower. Therefore, it is necessary to clean your solar panels from time to time. You may be asking “But how often do I do it?”.

Does cleaning solar panels a regular process?

There is no right answer. It depends on the conditions and in both dry climates and more humid ones, environmental factors, different types of dust, and location and installation factors will all influence.

One way or another, the question is all about the urgency of the matter. Apart from that, it is about your effort & difficulty at hand. Look at below questions to decide that your solar need cleaning.

  • Does the buildup is largely dust or is a sticky substance like bird poop?
  • Does the buildup is such that the blue color of solar is faded into a brown one?
  • Does your solar power output is optimal based on your plant capacity?
  • Are there any irregularities in your electricity bill cost suddenly?

If any one of the above question is true then you may need to look at doing the cleaning of solar panels.

It is usually doable without any professional help. You just need the right tools.

Nevertheless, if there is a buildup of dirt on your solar panels, you should definitely clean it up. Due to this only, you can gain the maximum efficiency from your solar rooftop system.

Tips for Cleaning Solar Panels

For a minimal soil & dust buildup, a proper hose with a decent nozzle can do the trick

If your solar panels is not giving you enough generation, try solving it by cleaning your panels. Maybe a dust accumulation is your culprit. With a little bit of care & time to time check, you can manage it very easily

You basically need 3 things to clean your solar panels
  • A soft brush and squeegee long enough to reach from wherever you’ll be working.
  • A water hose long enough to reach your panels.
  • A bucket filled with water and a little mild soap.
We provide cleaning kit with your solar system. You can order one with it here.

Things to know before cleaning solar panels

  1. Use water with a small amount of soap
  2. Do not use high pressure nozzle which can damage your solar panels
  3. If you do not have a cleaning kit, use a soft brush or a large sponge that can reach every area so panels.
  4. Applying pressure to clean the pressure is not recommended.
  5. Rinse solar panels with clean water from the hose a second time.

Note: Do not try to walk on solar panels. It is not advisable

Optimal time to clean solar panels

  • Usually Before Sunrise or After Sunset

To clean the panels, choose the time wisely because you do not want to hinder the solar power generation process. The best time would be during the morning before the sunrise. Alternately, you can also choose to clean your panels during the evening after the sunset.

Final Thoughts

Cleaning solar panels is a tedious, partially dangerous & a necessary task. The question is the urgency and the timing to clean your panels. Follow the steps given, buy a solar kit if possible & try to be careful when doing it


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